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IT professionals seeking appreciation of proficiency in the area of Microsoft technologies will certainly want to consider obtaining the  Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) credential. MCSE credential holders are known industry-wide as possessing the technical skills, expertise and knowledge necessary to execute complex roles using Microsoft technologies.
TrainingCover, as a Microsoft Gold Partner provides the best industrial training in Microsoft Technologies in Mohali and Chandigarh. TrainingCover’s 100% practical base 6 months and 6 weeks courses with live projects prepare the students to resolve difficult problems require creative resolution, design systems and composite solutions, build and deploy as well as operate, maintain and optimize Microsoft systems. 


Basic Knowledge Of Networking


MS Windows Server 2012


Six Weeks & Six Months

Pay Online

Six Months

Benefits Of MCSE

  • Getting Hired – Having an IT certification will positively give you an advantage when hiring managers look at your resume. Competition for IT jobs can be inflexible, and having a certification is a major advantage compared to those who do not have one and it will be a qualifier for a position. 
  • Level of knowledge – MCSE shows that you have a certain level of proficiency with Microsoft technologies. It impartially shows employers, your level of knowledge. You get a professional advantage with regard to new technologies. IT professionals with MCSE certifications are among the most well remunerated for their areas of focus.
  • Job Opportunity – The MCSE course from TrainingCover, will help students to be able to qualify for an enterprise systems administrator, IT systems manager, Enterprise Security Administrator, Systems Architect or Network Administrator.

TrainingCover prepares students for the following exams :

  • 70-410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012, Configuring.
  • 70-411 – Administering Windows Server 2012, Configuring.
  • 70-412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services.
  • 70-413 – Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure.
  • 70-414 – Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure.

MCSE Module

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

  • Installing windows server 2012
  • Disk Management – MBR, GPT, VHD, Basic disk, Dynamic disk, storage pool, disk pool
  • NTFS file system and its features – file permissions, quota, VSS, offline files
  • Hyper-V – Creating and configuring virtual machines
  • Hyper-V – Creating and configuring virtual machine storage
  • Hyper-V – Creating and configuring virtual networks
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • DHCP – Deployment and configuration
  • DNS – Forward and reverse lookup, primary/secondary/stub zone, forwarders, root hints, caching only DNS, Dynamic DNS.
  • Installing Active Directory domain controllers
  • Active Directory user, group, OU management
  • Create and manage Group Policy objects (GPOs)
  • Configure security policies
  • Configure application restriction policies
  • Configure Windows Firewall

Administering Windows Server 2012

  • Deploy and manage Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Install and configure Windows Server Update Service (WSUS)
  • Configure DCS to monitor servers, VMs, networking, real time performance
  • Configure Distributed File system (DFS)
  • Configure File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
  • Configure file and disk encryption
  • Configure routing
  • Configure NAT
  • Configure VPN
  • Configure RADIUS servers
  • Configure Network Access Protection
  • FSMO roles
  • Active Directory backup and restoration
  • Active directory task delegation
  • Active Directory object and container level recovery
  • Advance Group Policy Object configuration and management

Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

  • Configure Network Load Balancing (NLB)
  • Configure failover clustering
  • Manage Virtual Machine (VM) migration
  • Configure advanced file services
  • Implement Dynamic Access Control (DAC)
  • Configure and optimize storage
  • Configuring Windows server backup tool
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Understanding Windows booting and troubleshooting booting issues
  • Configuring Hyper-V site level fault tolerance
  • Advanced DHCP
  • Advanced DNS
  • Active Directory Forest trust relationship
  • Active Directory sites and services
  • Active Directory Certificate services
  • Active Directory Rights Management Services (ADRMS)

Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure

  • Design an automated server installation strategy
  • Plan and implement a server deployment infrastructure
  • Plan and implement server upgrade and migration
  • Plan and deploy Virtual Machine Manager services
  • Plan and implement file and storage services
  • Design and maintain a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solution
  • Design a name resolution solution strategy
  • Design and manage an IP address management solution
  • Design a VPN solution
  • Design a forest and domain infrastructure
  • Design a Group Policy strategy
  • Design an Active Directory permission model
  • Design an Active Directory sites topology
  • Design a domain controller strategy

Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

  • Plan and implement failover clustering
  • Plan and implement highly available network services
  • Plan and implement highly available storage solution
  • Plan and implement highly available server roles
  • Plan and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery solution
  • Plan and implement virtualization hosts
  • Plan and implement virtualization guests
  • Plan and implement virtualization networking
  • Plan and implement virtualization storage
  • Plan and implement virtual guest movement

Project List

  • Deploy VPN in an Enterprise Network
  • Configuring Network Policy Server With VPN
  • Providing Operating System Image through WDS Server
  • Implementing WSUS in Network for Software Update
  • Configuring NLB Cluster for Web Server
  • Implementing Domain environment in an Organization’s Network
  • Setup a Company’s Web Server

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TrainingCover is a unit of Technospecs Technologies Pvt Ltd and has office in Mohali and Chandigarh. TrainingCover has a full spectrum of the trainings for the IT and non-IT sectors. TrainingCover focuses on providing the six weeks/ six months industrial training both classroom based and online for the students from various degree and diploma colleges. The training solution from TrainingCover is designed by the professionals in the training industry only. TrainingCover believes that the training should be handled by the qualified and certified trainers for better learning experience. The training is handled by the one of the best LMS (learning management system) available which makes the training enjoyable and well rounded.

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