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Learn Linux Device Driver Development

Linux device driver development has become necessary for embedded engineer to enhance their career. This course targets engineers who wish to develop or enhance the skills of device drivers in the Linux kernel, for projects on embedded platforms, or on the traditional PC platform. TrainingCover provides six months theoretical and practical training of Linux device driver on Beagle board and Linux platform. The course makes you familiar with the essentials of kernel development: kernel architecture, the main APIs, integration of device drivers with other parts of the kernel and with user applications. After getting the training from TrainingCover you will be ready to work on Linux device driver development projects.


Basic Knowledge Of Linux Commands




Six Weeks & Six Months

Pay Online

Six Months

Benefits of Linux Development Industrial Training

In this course you will get to learn how to develop device drivers for Linux systems, grounded with a basic familiarity and understanding of the underlying Linux kernel. You will be able to develop:-

  • The different sorts of device drivers used in Linux.
  • The appropriate APIs through which devices (both software and hardware) interface with the kernel.
  • Necessary techniques and modules for developing and debugging Linux drivers and many more.

Linux Module

Operating systems

  • Overview
  • Introduction to kernel
  • Types of kernel

Essential Developer tools

  • GNU compiler collection
  • GNU linker
  • Binary dis-assembler tools
  • Static and shared libraries

System calls & APIs

  • Syscall machanism
  • Api implementation
  • SUS and Posix standards

Process Address space & memory Allocations

  • Virtual Address space
  • Stack allocations
  • Heap management
  • Memory maps

I/O Architecture

  • Introduction to components of I/O architecture
  • Objectives of Linux I/O model
  • Virtual file system
  • Design & Layout
  • I/O cache
  • Understanding file descriptors & inode structures

Signal management

  • Introduction to Signals
  • Linux signal types & categories
  • Signal generation and delivery
  • Linux signal management data-structures
  • Switching signal dispositions
  • Writing async signal handlersUsing signals for process communication
  • Using signals for process communication
  • Blocking & Unblocking signal delivery

Timer interfaces

  • Posix interval timers
  • Linux interval timer interface

Concurrent application designs

  • Introduction to concurrent applications
  • Understanding need for concurrent apps
  • Standard Concurrency models
  • Comparative analysis of concurrency models

Synchronization & Mutual exclusion interfaces

  • Semaphores
  • Mutex
  • Spinlocks
  • Condition variables

Linux kernel build

  • Kernel source tree
  • Kbuild components
  • Compile and Building new kernel Image

Kernel modules

  • Introduction to Modules
  • Types of Modules
  • Module skeleton
  • Building kernel modules
  • Deployment and test

Linux driver models and Architecture

  • Device Drivers defined
  • Linux Driver model
  • Types of Linux drivers
  • Driver stacks

Kernel synchronization mechanisms

  • UP vs. SMP Issues
  • Combating Race Conditions
  • Atomic Operations
  • Semaphores
  • Spin Locks

Memory allocations

  • Linux kernel memory subsystem
  • Memory representation data structures
  • Memory Allocators
  • Allocating Boot memory
  • Page Tables and Address Translation

Interrupt handling

  • Understanding Interrupts
  • Linux Interrupt handlers
  • Implementing Driver ISR
  • Need for deferred routines
  • Linux Deferred Routines
  • Interrupt event management


  • Block Device Subsystem
  • Network Device Subsystem

Online Training

  • Learn the technologies right from your computer over internet. Enjoy the lightning fast access to our training courses online.
  • No more crowded classrooms for the training.Get access to our certified trainers and enjoy one-on-one discussion with them via learning management portal.
  • Lifetime access to the portal to request for any course in future by just raising a request.
  • Get the course completion certificate on completing your courses online with ease
  • Live discussion board among students to collaborate on various topics and discussion threads for a well-rounded learning experience.

Project List

  • Arduino wifi driver
  • SID solder iron driver
  • Driver for joystick
  • Keypad driver for mobile
  • Ethernet driver for beagle board
  • USB driver for any hardware

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TrainingCover is a unit of Technospecs Technologies Pvt Ltd and has office in Mohali and Chandigarh. TrainingCover has a full spectrum of the trainings for the IT and non-IT sectors. TrainingCover focuses on providing the six weeks/ six months industrial training both classroom based and online for the students from various degree and diploma colleges. The training solution from TrainingCover is designed by the professionals in the training industry only. TrainingCover believes that the training should be handled by the qualified and certified trainers for better learning experience. The training is handled by the one of the best LMS (learning management system) available which makes the training enjoyable and well rounded.

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