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Learn Hyper-V

Virtualization is one of the most demanding subjects in IT Industry today. It is the conception of a virtual (rather than physical) version of an IT environment, including operating system (OS) and storage device. Virtualization takes place on the same hardware platform after installing exact software - hypervisor. Hypervisor creates an additional layer between physical and virtual resources. It manages the system’s hardware resources so they are distributed well among multiple virtual machines (VMs).
TrainingCover provides 100% practical industrial training in Hyper-V with live projects. This course covers Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager and details Generation 2 Virtual Machines, Replication, Cross-version Live Migration, Online VHDX Resizing, Live Migration Performance Tuning and more.


Basic Knowledge Of Networking Servers.


Windows, Server


Six Weeks & Six Months

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Six Weeks

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Benefits of Hyper-V

  • Job Opportunity – Today’s Companies are implementing Hypervisor to reduce the cost and central management. Due to increased productivity and efficiency, Hyper-V is widely used among Enterprises which opens the scope of better career opportunities and good salary for a Hypervisor expert.
  • Better Career – The Hyper-V course from TrainingCover will ensure a clear understanding of the employer that the candidate has enough knowledge in administration concepts. The candidate will have good career opportunities and will get higher paid.
  • Knowledge – Microsoft Hyper-V is the best technology to elect career as it just focus on the technical skills for getting the job and that you can get from our experts very well.

Hyper-V Module

Configuration Hyper –V

  • Create and configure virtual machine (VM) settings
  • Create and configure virtual machine storage
  • Create and configure virtual networks

Configure and manage virtual machine high availability

  • Failover clustering with Hyper-V
  • Manage failover clustering roles
  • Manage virtual machine movement

Implement a server virtualization infrastructure

  • Implement virtualization hosts
  • Implement virtual machines
  • Implement virtualization networking
  • Implement virtualization storage
  • Manage and maintain a server virtualization infrastructure

Monitor and maintain a server virtualization infrastructure

  • Plan and implement a monitoring strategy
  • Plan and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery solution

Online Training

  • Learn the technologies right from your computer over internet. Enjoy the lightning fast access to our training courses online.
  • No more crowded classrooms for the training.Get access to our certified trainers and enjoy one-on-one discussion with them via learning management portal.
  • Lifetime access to the portal to request for any course in future by just raising a request.
  • Get the course completion certificate on completing your courses online with ease
  • Live discussion board among students to collaborate on various topics and discussion threads for a well-rounded learning experience.

Project List

  • Managing Virtual Machines in Hyper-V
  • Live migration of VM between Hyper-V Servers
  • Implementing Cluster Server in Hyper-V
  • Setup a cloud environment using Microsoft Hyper-V

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