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Firewall is one of the most important objectives to secure an enterprise network. TrainingCover provides 100% practical 6 months Industrial Training in Firewall which covers various aspects of Firewall Security related with software based firewalls or hardware based firewalls to get the complete knowledge of implementing and managing a firewall in an organization’s network security.
The objective of this course in TrainingCover is to educate the network / security professionals on how to install, configure, verify and manage the different types of firewall software and device. The knowledge will gain through this course can be used to implement secure solutions for enterprise or small to medium sized networks.


Basic Knowledge Of Networking & Protocols




Six Weeks & Six Months

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Benefits Of Firewall

  • Better career growth – The methods of gaining knowledge such as participating security certification courses or advanced degrees, you have expectations that by achieving these credentials, you will accelerate your career.
  • Job Opportunity – After getting the knowledge of firewall configuration and management you will get better opportunity in the IT industry as well as in Salary.
  • Salary Increase and Rewards – Network Engineers and Network Support Engineers, with Firewall knowledge will promote you as a Network Security Administrator or System Security Administrator and will earn an attractive monthly salary package.

Firewall Module

Introduction to Information Security

  • The key terms and critical concepts of information and network security
  • Identify and differentiate the threats posed to information and network security, as well as the common attacks associated with those threats

Security Policies and Standards

  • Three types of information security policy
  • Critical components of each security policy
  • Elements of key information security management practices

Authenticating Users

  • Firewall authentication
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Introduction to Firewalls

  • Misconceptions about firewalls
  • Types of protection

Packet Filtering

  • Packets and packet filtering
  • The approaches to packet filtering
  • Configure specific filtering rules based on business needs

Firewall Configuration and Administration

  • Identify and implement different firewall configuration strategies
  • Adhere to proven security principles to help the firewall protect network resources
  • Track firewall log files and follow the basic initial steps in responding to security incidents

Working with Proxy Servers and Application-Level Firewalls

  • Proxy servers and their function
  • Critical issues in proxy server configurations
  • Determine when a proxy server is not the correct choice

Implementing the Bastion Host

  • General requirements for installing a bastion host
  • Evaluate different options for positioning the bastion host
  • Establish a baseline performance level and audit procedures

Encryption – The Foundation for the Virtual Private Network

  • Role encryption plays in firewall and VPN architectures
  • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and identify its protocols and modes

Setting Up a Virtual Private Network

  • Components and essential operations of virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Effective configuration and maintenance of VPNs

Online Training

  • Learn the technologies right from your computer over internet. Enjoy the lightning fast access to our training courses online.
  • No more crowded classrooms for the training.Get access to our certified trainers and enjoy one-on-one discussion with them via learning management portal.
  • Lifetime access to the portal to request for any course in future by just raising a request.
  • Get the course completion certificate on completing your courses online with ease
  • Live discussion board among students to collaborate on various topics and discussion threads for a well-rounded learning experience.

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About Us

TrainingCover is a unit of Technospecs Technologies Pvt Ltd and has office in Mohali and Chandigarh. TrainingCover has a full spectrum of the trainings for the IT and non-IT sectors. TrainingCover focuses on providing the six weeks/ six months industrial training both classroom based and online for the students from various degree and diploma colleges. The training solution from TrainingCover is designed by the professionals in the training industry only. TrainingCover believes that the training should be handled by the qualified and certified trainers for better learning experience. The training is handled by the one of the best LMS (learning management system) available which makes the training enjoyable and well rounded.

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