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Learn Cisco CCNA

CCNA is one of the most valued IT certification across the globe.  It is proven that the certification can bring an enormous change in career path while acquiring valuable skills all through the way. TrainingCover’s Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) learning program validates a professional’s ability to understand the configuration, operation and troubleshooting Switches and Routers. It also includes the implementation and verification of WAN and Network security.
TrainingCover provides 100% practical base Six Months Industrial Training in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and switching, which is an ideal certification program for network engineers to maximize their foundational networking knowledge. Our training module imparts the participants with practical, relevant and industry-ready domain knowledge on network solutions.


Basic Knowledge Of Networking & Routing


Router, Switch


Six Weeks & Six Months

Pay Online

Six Weeks

Six Months

Benefits of CCNA

  • Increase Your Knowledge – CCNA Course from TrainingCover will definitely increases your knowledge in the field of Computer Networking which also makes you confident in this field.
  • First step to the success ladder – CCNA course would make you appropriate for various networking jobs. In addition to these, the candidate will also be familiar in the area of Cisco’s switches and routers.
  • Employers Appreciate Certified Employees – After CCNA training and CCNA global certificate will encourage you in your service as Employers want certified professional to get better project.
  • Jumpstart Your Networking Career – It is a good opportunity to achieve the goal in your Networking Career.
  • Salary Increase and Rewards – Network Engineers and Network Support Engineers with CCNA knowledge will earn an attractive monthly salary package.
  • Get a good promotion – CCNA is the basic qualification required to track various advanced certification courses like CCNP, CCIE. Candidates who wants certification on WAN/LAN can also take up this course which would help them in the case of promotions.

CCNA Module


  • Networking types
  • OSI Model
  • Topology with configuration

Configuration wired media

  • Co- Axial cable
  • Fiber optics Cable

Cisco Certification

  • Introduction
  • Cisco Certification Path


  • Ip Adressing IPV4
  • IPV6 Concept with implementation
  • Subnetting


  • VLSM and route Summarization
  • Router 1- Introduction about the Router Types , Components and Boot process
  • Router 2- Router ports and Modes
  • Serial and interface Ethernet
  • Configure network connectivity of a Router


  • Configure and Verify Basic Router commands
  • Routing Protocols and Types with routing Principles
  • Configure a Static and Default route
  • Rip Concept and Practicle
  • Configure And Verify EIGRP In Single or Diffrenet Autonomous system Number
  • Configure and Verify OSPF V2 &V3 in Single Area


  • Understand the feature and application of each type of ACL-1
  • Configure And Verify Standered and extended ACL -2
  • Troubleshoot and Fix ACL -3 Problems


  • NAT-I - Concept
  • Configure Static NAT , Dynamic NAT and overloading
  • Configure and Verify NTP as a client


  • Understand SNMP V2
  • Understand SNMP V3

Cisco Router

  • Configure and Verify DHCP on Cisco Router
  • Configure Telnet,SSH and SDM on Cisco Router


  • Basic switching
  • Operation of the switches
  • Switch operation using basic utility such as Ping telnet and SSH
  • Understanding advance Cisco switching Like PVSTP ,Etherchannel

Router Configuration

  • Configure and Verify VLAN and VTP on Cisco Switches
  • Configure and verify inter vlan routing
  • Configure and Verify Switch Port security
  • Configure Frame Relay on Cisco Routers
  • Configure PPP on both Routers
  • Configure and Verify serial wan connections


  • Understand STP and RSTP
  • VPN

Online Training

  • Learn the technologies right from your computer over internet. Enjoy the lightning fast access to our training courses online.
  • No more crowded classrooms for the training.Get access to our certified trainers and enjoy one-on-one discussion with them via learning management portal.
  • Lifetime access to the portal to request for any course in future by just raising a request.
  • Get the course completion certificate on completing your courses online with ease
  • Live discussion board among students to collaborate on various topics and discussion threads for a well-rounded learning experience.

Project List

  • Enterprise Network Implementation
  • Implementing in Corporate Network using ACL
  • Dynamic Routing in a Corporate Internetwork
  • VLAN for Corporate Network

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About Us

TrainingCover is a unit of Technospecs Technologies Pvt Ltd and has office in Mohali and Chandigarh. TrainingCover has a full spectrum of the trainings for the IT and non-IT sectors. TrainingCover focuses on providing the six weeks/ six months industrial training both classroom based and online for the students from various degree and diploma colleges. The training solution from TrainingCover is designed by the professionals in the training industry only. TrainingCover believes that the training should be handled by the qualified and certified trainers for better learning experience. The training is handled by the one of the best LMS (learning management system) available which makes the training enjoyable and well rounded.

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