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Why Industrial Training is Important for Students?

Posted on June 23, 2017
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Why to undergo Industrial Training?

Why Industrial Training is Important for students

Industrial Training is an organized activity focused on required skill set, information to improve and enhance the performance or to help students to meet their career goals.

Training is not only for students, but it is also beneficial for employees and job seekers. It improves their skills, performance, and give them a wonderful experience that helps them everywhere in their domain. Knowing the importance of training, technical board education has made industrial training mandatory in engineering sector.

Industrial Training bridges the gap in academic curriculum and in the industry. It helps students to learn new technology, stay them updated with market demand, making them aware of new developments and discoveries and develop skills and competencies required to become employable.

Why Industrial Training is important for career?

 why industrial training important for career

Now a days getting a good job is very difficult in spite of having the required degrees and academic qualifications. Company doesn’t want to spend time, money, and efforts on training a person and hence it prefers experienced candidates. That’s why industrial training is very important. Industrial Training gives an insight of the company and its ways to approach to solve a problem. Industrial Training equips the job aspirants with necessary skill sets, knowledge and experiences, thus brightening their chances of getting the job and a having a good future. It helps the student in polishing the desired skills and create a market demand

What are the Benefits of Industrial Training?

  • Industrial training embeds students with essential skills sets, experiences and knowledge.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge both are inseparable and important part of learning.
  • Industrial training prepares students for future employment and opens the door of endless career opportunities.
  • Industrial training exposes students to real work environment and accustoms them with organizational structure, business operation, work ethics etc.
  • In addition to imparting required skill set, it provides students work experience
  • Industrial training provides them exposure to tools and technology used in the industry.

How important is Summer Industrial Training for students?

summer industrial training

Summer Industrial Training is very important for student. In placement companies, always ask “what you did in summer vacation”. Companies want the student who have technical knowledge in some fields.

There are two modules of Summer Training:

6 Months Industrial Training:

  • 6 Months Industrial Training is very important part of any technical studies related to the field of IT, like B.Tech, MCA, BCA, B.SC(IT) and so on.
  • Industrial Training courses have been specially designed to fulfill the requirement of the Industry and provide highly skilled/qualified professionals.

6 Weeks Industrial Training:

  • 6 weeks industrial training is also very important for student. It helps student to decide technology in which they move forward and make a future in that field.
  • 6 weeks industrial training, which is also a mandatory part of the curriculum.
  • It gives an introduction about industries, how industries work, how to get into it
  • This  helps student to fit in environment of industries.

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